Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tahlil for my Ex-Mother In Law

I know I am a little late to post for Wednesday. Now let me come up with the genuine excuses..i was tied up with all sorts of stuff in the day time..and had a meeting all the way in Cyberjaya and had to rush straight for my Ex-Mother In Law's tahlil (like a prayer and memorial). I realise how much i miss her.
Ties lost are reforged. I realise how much I missed my ex sister in laws. Well I hope i still qualify for Nablopomo. I have to rest now, coz it is really tiring and I have tonnes of deadlines to meet.

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Jane said...

Your past 2 posts have really brought my mind right back to the broken relationship I have with my ex-in laws. I often wonder what it would take to mend things but they are very cold and unforgiving people...quite the opposite of me.