Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jentayu..what a noble bird

Here is another song that resonate so well with my soul. It has a tinge of traditional Indonesian music whic I love so much..with the elegant sounds of the gamelan, and that certain kind of haunting melody..difficult to describe. I think it is a blood thing. I know that my maternal ancestry runs far into the Javanese Kratons..something my mother never really like to harp on because implicitly she seems to say, no matter how blue your blood is, it doesn't mean a thing. You have to be noble in your own right. Earn your own respect.

This is a story of perseverance and nobility.. values I grew up with only to be thwarted in my early twenties through the connections I made in life..but no regrets. Those were lessons I needed to learn.

Anyways, this melody makes me restful. For those who have meditated, I think they would know what I mean. How you are able to enter your heart core and just submerge yourself and rest and be surrounded by familiar and warm protective energy and just remain in complete bliss

A little background on the song:
This song was inspired by a poem written by our local legendary poet the late Usman Awang. You can have a glimpse of who he is and his contributions here.

Jentayu is a bird in an epic Legend of Merong Mahawangsa. and you can get some background information on this legendary bird and its role in the legend here
Here goes the translation of the lyrics:
Di paruhmu kemilauan sinar (Your beak luminous with radiance)
Menyepuhi sejuta rasa (glazing a million emotions)
Kemulian di hatimu (Your sublime heart
Bening budi terdampar di jagat raya (Still and tranquil, marooned on this mortal earth)

Di sayap taufan kau jelajahi (on the wings of the storm you roam)
Awan gemawan membawa rindu (Billowing clouds bring yearning)
Kasihmu menentangi kezaliman (of your love, battling vilainy)
Ketidakadilan (injustice)

Patah sayap bertongkat paruh (When wings fail, lean on your beak)
Patah paruh bertongkat siku (When beak breaks, your elbow waits)
Patah siku bertongkat dagu (Elbow crushed, lean on your chin)
Patah dagu bertongkat kuku (when chin fails..rise on your claws)

Pinjamkanlah hatimu (Lend your (magnanimous) heart)
Untuk semua (To all)

Pinjamkanlah syahdumu (Lend us you magnicifent tranquility)

You can also watch the video here.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Nostalgic gratitude

I chanced upon this video on youtube and it brought back hodge podge of emotions..black unhappy memories, helplessness, laced with hope, and love and the chance of a new beginning for me. You know how a certain song can just raise your spirits and lend wings to your feet, and make your heart swell to move forward. When I thought I had nothing left, and I just didn't know how to move forward, this song gave me all the hope that I needed. Convinced me that I am loved and not forgotten. And that everything is going to be just swell. It seems like everything is looking pretty bright now ..

I did a very rough translation on the words. Would just like to share it with you.
Enjoy the golden voice of this wonderful woman..

Every day I ask
That you always
Grant me serenity
Strength in my heart
To face all
adversities ever so challenging
Surely, there is meaning to all these

You give me hope
Answer all my questions
Face everything with tranquility
And a deep sense of gratitude
I pray that you always
Watch all my moves
Bless me...i need your grace

Oh God, light up my heart, my soul
to face everything
This adversity filled life
Oh God, I surrender everything to You
So that my soul is at peace
In your guidance, always

There were times when I feel
This life is as fragile as glass
Without patience
Will be broken to smithereens
Strengthen my heart
To go through all, oh
Strengthen me, make me steadfast