Saturday, July 25, 2009

One Flaw In Women - by Unknown

Women have strengths that amaze men.
They bear hardships and they carry burdens,
but they hold happiness, love and joy.

They smile when they want to scream.
They sing when they want to cry.
They cry when they are happy
and laugh when they are nervous.
They fight for what they believe in.
They stand up to injustice.

They don’t take “no” for an answer
when they believe there is a better solution.

They go without so their family can have.
They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.

They love unconditionally.
They cry when their children excel
and cheer when their friends get awards.

They are happy when they hear about
a birth or a wedding.
Their hearts break when a friend dies.
They grieve at the loss of a family member,
yet they are strong when they
think there is no strength left.
They know that a hug and a kiss
can heal a broken heart.

Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

They’ll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you
to show how much they care about you.

The heart of a woman is what
makes the world keep turning.

They bring joy, hope and love.
They have compassion and ideas.
They give moral support to their
family and friends.

Women have vital things to say
and everything to give.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I found this on ChongZeMin's blog, a 24 year old in LSE.
Very interesting indeed..take a look.
Which way is she turning

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Purely to boost my flagging ego ;oD

Monday July 06, 2009

Born today, you are one of those rare and wonderful individuals able to live life almost entirely on your own terms without having any run-ins with others who expect things to be done according to the rule book. You are creative, energetic and always ready and willing to pitch in -- but those around you must resign themselves to the fact that what you do, and how you do it, will often defy description. You get things done in style, and you win rave reviews from the world at large -- except, of course, from those who are jealous of your freewheeling manner.

Caring and generous, you will always do for others what needs to be done, even when it involves some kind of self-sacrifice. You seem to know where you have to be and what you have to do without being told, and your ability to be efficient and thorough is not easily matched.

Della Reese, singer; Nancy Reagan, U.S. first lady; Janet Leigh, actress; Sylvester Stallone, actor; Dalai Lama, Tibetan spiritual leader; George W. Bush, U.S. president; John Paul Jones, naval hero.