Sunday, October 03, 2010

Is it a crime to drive an old car?

A policeman stopped me for no particular reason..seatbelts-check. Looked at road tax check. Asked me to open my boot, there were beach toys in a bag, a table cloth and some court shoes just in case i need to run into a meeting (Can't go in my Mary Janes). He asked me who were the people in my car, I said both are my daughters..and I said please sir my daughter has 5 mins to catch her bus to college. He said better late than early. He was still looking for faults. My car is an old Wira with a penang plate number..he said are you from Penang, I said yes, but I live here, this car is my Dad's. He was still looking for something...then he asked for my IC..and he took it to his patrol car. I got out of my car and showed him her bus ticket. She had 2 mins left. Then he said, ok, you go, she is late....I was thinking, WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?


Jane said...

The people that really need to be pulled over are the ones that never are. It is frustrating when a police officer pulls you over for no real reason. I hope your daughter got to her bus on time!

Hamba Allah said...

I was driving along Jalan Sultan Ismail. Crossed Jalan Ampang on a yellow (amber) light, and stopped by a police officer soon afterwards.

"Sir, you jumped the red light," he said.

"I am sorry tuan," I did not why I apologized, "It was only yellow."

"Nope," he said, refusing to listen to my protest, "show me your driving licence."

Since my wallet is in the backpocket, I removed my seat belt, took out the wallet, and showed him the licence.

"Encik, I can saman you for not wearing your seat belt too!"

"What?! You can't be serious. I removed my seat belt because you asked to see my licence!"

"Okay...boleh jalan," he said.

Anonymous said...

driving an old or new car is not an issue...i question the intention/motive..

MANDALAY said...

Strange indeed! I hope your daughter made in in time.